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Oh yeah. I gotta have some Ding Dong and suck on it and suck it, suck it, suck it.

Holy fucking Christ!!!!! That is one fucking big spider!!! But the Xbox is still a big ass machine

Always watch your porn with family members

Parody of Mix96 Montreal radio station, because they propagade all the most recent crap.

Matrix Revolutions

There is a little McDonald's in everyone

A ball and a shovel is all that is needed for extreme makeovers

La viande est bonne, mais ce qu'il y a comme complément c'est à chier

Even as a baby, hitler had a nasty look

Q3 is once again having fun in creating another Matrix wallpaper

We should all cry... cry, cry, cry... beuhhh

RedNeck War Magazine - Can't wait for that Disney Irak!

I'm sure hunters really need Bluetooth technology

Haf a war? Damn retard

Looks like a losing situation

If the US and Israel have their way, this will be the new flag for Iraq

Some people go too far to find their terrorists!

Musulman is here to save the day!

Schwing! Boy this truck is hot!



Under the tuscan gun
22 octobre
, 2004
Art update by
When you're under a tuscan gun. Ho yeah.Thank you Pat for this stunning rendition.
Team America ... Fuck Yeah! [discuss in forum]
16 octobre
, 2004
Movie update by
After wondering if these guys were dead, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still kicking monster ass. Team America: World Police was just as funny as South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut. Team America: World Police made me cry of laughter. People, that's some funny shit.

I still wonder if some Americans will understand the critical sarcastic point made about the murderous U.S.A. foreign policies. I think some will never understand the blissful ignorance in which they live in.

This movie ridicules the overused Hollywood cinematic clichés, and they are all over the place and therefore  enhances my love for the movie. In a way it shows how used we've become to the classic deadbeat cinematic structure of crappy big budget Hollywood movies. Hollywood is dead.

What is amazing is the awesome puppetry work used in a comedic fashion with special effects I have not seen been done before with puppets. What adds to the mastery of the puppet art in this movie is how they make fun of the puppetry art by using puppetry itself. It's brilliant and hilarious.

Get the soundtrack. Just get the soundtrack.


Steal my ice cream and I'll break your face [discuss in forum]
10 octobre
, 2004
Marketing Fucktardation update by
Did you see that Nestle commercial where the guy just bought a chocolate-cone ice cream thing to then have it taken away by a woman and the guy does nothing? I did, and it pissed me off.

It is clear that whoever made this commercial is pushing to make us believe that men are fucking pussies. I contend that this commercial is deceptive and does not represent reality in an attempt to subvert our culture for a sinister purpose.

If this commercial was based on reality, the commercial would have gone like this:

The girl comes up to the guy who has a fresh chocolate-cone ice cream. She takes the ice cream from the guy then finds herself rummaging for her teeth on the ground so much the guy smacked her so hard.

This scenario is much more realistic and in my opinion much more fucking funny that watching a fucking pussy being abused by a woman.

If we had truly interactive TV, this is how the commercial would have played out:

The woman walks up to the guy, takes his brand new chocolate-cone ice cream cone. The audience sees my fist flying straight into the woman's mouth, followed by my hand giving the ice cream cone back to the guy. Then you would see the guy trying to pull his leg out of his ass so he can go find his teeth and ice cream that are rammed up his rectum, because I smashed in his head in for letting himself be abused by a woman. Since TV would be interactive, the next time the commercial is aired, the woman goes in the store, buys 2 chocolate-cone ice creams to give to the guy and his best friend that are waiting out side and shuts the fuck up, because the woman enjoys the multiple orgasms these two guys provide her every night.

 I believe it is every man's duty to kick you fellow man's ass when he does not use his gift of being physically stronger to assert respect for himself and his fellow man. Have you kicked your fellow man into shape today? Do it.


ATI Meltdown 2004 [discuss in forum]
2 septembre
, 2004
Game update by


ATI Meltdown 2004 happened August 13-15th 2004 at the Lower Canada College in N.D.G., Quebec, Canada. Everything was going awesome! Everybody was setup nicely except for a few network connections left to be done, the people were into it, we had a gigabit connection on the game server, my gaming machine was not crapping out with DHCP like it does at every LAN. People gamed for a few hours on Friday night, then at 11:30pm it started to smell burned, we blew out the power transformer. ATI Meltdown 2004 was cancelled for the week-end and we went back home LANless. We left at 3am while the crane-truck was delivering the new transformer replacement. It would have been awesome if it didn't all blow out on us. It was a REAL meltdown.

ATI Meltdown 2004 pictures


Singing cats! [discuss in forum]
27 août
, 2004
Joke update by
Check this out! A couple of singing cats!


For those of you who missed the joke, these cats were fucking or were in heat or something in a back alley near my home. THEY ARE NOT SINGING! THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING ELSE!


Steam up my ass Valve [discuss in forum]
9 juillet, 2004
Tech update by
Hey VALVE! Yeah! You guys there, the plumbers! What kind of Big Brother bullshit are you trying to pull off with your Steam bullshit? I know why it's called Steam, it's because it makes me steam from anger!

This combo is the stupidest shit I have seen so far just to download a fucking game. Check this out. I want to download Counter Strike 1.6, the fucking nightmare begins.

I go to www.counter-strike.net, the official web site to download Counter Strike 1.6. I go to the Downloads. I have to install Steam to download Counter Strike. That doesn't make sense. Just give me a fucking FTP or web link, a bunch of mirrors and shit and just let me download it. Load up the bunch of mirrors on load-balancing DNS or something.

Ok.. I have to deal with this Steam bullshit. I want to download Steam, so it brings me to FilePlanet and a rush of old nightmares come back to haunt my brain and fuck it up. FilePlanet needs to you to register to download files. What kind of fucking bullshit is that? And FilePlanet is all fucked up with my account, I'm logged in but I'm not logged in, I can't download, which basically makes FilePlanet unusable because they suck. I'm fucking mad now. I don't need Steam anymore since it's coming out of my ears.

Fuck you Valve, fuck Steam and fuck you FilePlanet, you bunch of vile shitty motherfuckers that only bring misery into my life and no workable download solutions.

You guys need to learn how the internet works. First, get an anonymous FTP and/or WEB server where people can download Counter Strike 1.6 without having to log into Steam, without having to log into "VilePlanet", without ripping out their hair. Holy fucking shit that was easy! It's obvious Valve does not know anything about the Internet or else Half Life 2 source code would not have been downloaded from their offices.

Let's examine why it would be necessary to download Counter Strike with Steam. You don't since mirrored and load-balanced FTP and WEB sites can do the job faster and easier.

Let's examine why it's necessary to log into "VilePlanet" to download Steam. You don't since anonymous FTP and WEB sites can do the job easier and faster.

Let's examine why people would want to play Counter Strike. There is no reason I can see why anyone would want to play Counter Strike unless you were tortured by the Americans in a prison. You could also be so retarded that other more complex strategy games are too much for you brain to handle. Why was I trying to download Counter Strike 1.6 anyways? Well.. I was trying to setup a dedicated server for the brain dead children who wanted to play Counter Strike....


Habs own Bruins!
20 avril 2004
, 2003
update by The Lambrusco Kid
Go habs go! Go habs go!Get your Wallpaper! Be part of the ownage!

Totally free, until stock expires!

This holiday season, give the gift of poison: Molson Dry [Discuss in Forum]
3 décembre, 2003
Rant update by
Molson Dry is some fucking shit poison. Don't drink this fucking shitThis holiday season, for the people you hate, give them the gift of Molson Dry, that awful wretched elephant poison. Click on the picture to see who I send my gift of poison this year.

I have drunk light beers and heavy beers and I can withstand them all without a hang-over the next morning after having drunk a good quantity. I have noticed that when drinking Molson Dry, I'm always fucked up solid the next morning. This beer is not that strong and I can handle 10% beers without problem, not getting sick the next morning. For me to get sick on this medium strength beer, there has to be some fucking poison in this and I warn you all not to drink this vile shit.

What pisses me off is that Molson Dry was the beer provider at the Metallica Summer Sanitarium, if we can call that serving beer when you have to wait for a fucking hour to get some vile shit Molson Dry. Waiting 1 hours to get poisoned.. what the fuck were we thinking? We should have multiple choices of beer at a concert, people would enjoy it more and next time they would get more outlets of the most popular beer. Just makes sense to go with the crowd especially when you pay 90$ to go see the show. You'd think that you were financing the price of the beer but you discover otherwise when each poison cup costs 4$.

Molson Dry is made of fucking industrial poison chemicals and I encourage people to buy something else if they want to drink and remain healthy.


Automotive freak-show: Ferraramaro F-40
19 juin
, 2003
Automotive Freak Show update by
I wasted my money to trying to be a Ferrari when I could have done something really nice with my car.I want to show you this quite interesting specimen, and the specimen that owns/drives this fake piece of crap. I present to you the Ferraramaro F-40, fully Camaro wanting to be a Ferrari F-40.

Now, what is surreal about this car is that someone actually paid to modify their crappy Camaro to make it look like an F-40 that was restored from a previous ramming into a wall. With the money used on this modification this guy could have made his Camaro really nice. It was just easier to fuck it up big time with a Ferrari F-40 kir for Camaros.

A lot of people put stickers on their mirrors and goes to show how bad a fashion sense these people really have. It's like that the more Ferrari stickers you have on your car, the more it is supposed to be a Ferrari.

I wonder if the guy saw me taking the picture of his shitmobile. I'm sure that if he did see me that he thinks that I think it's a real Ferrari and that's why I was taking the picture. I'm pretty sure he wasn't expecting to see his car on the web with comments showing how shitty it is.

I invite you to good look on the web for some real pictures of a Ferrari F-40 so you can rest your eyes and restore your visual comfort. Let's try the original Ferrari site (Ferrari F-40). Ahh.. yes... feels much better now.



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